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Online Counselling

Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. has a proven records in counselling students online and we strongly believe and understand  that each student has different educational and social background as well as his/her truly diferrent objectives for studying overseas. Our purpose is to help them to decide for the most appropriate course and organization based on their individual passions and Educational accomplishment with complete assistance so that they can with confidently continue to engage in the amount objectives with possible success. Counsellors at Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. are here to satisfy the desires of parents and motivate learners to accomplishing their perspective through proper planning.

Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. has a unique five process of counselling through which we sharpen the students career.

Establish a Counsellor Student Relationships

This is the very first phase of our counselling process as our experienced counsellor built a strong relationships with the students so that student can express his/her self freely lie his personal area of students 

Diagnosing the problem of students

We at Meta Education, our expert counsellor analysed each and every aspects of students in terms of his/her area of expert, expected course, budget and expected dream college and university and providing the best ever suited solutions.

Help Student in Goal Setting

This is very necessary and important aspect of our counselling as in this process, we are trying to set the every phase like how he has to proceed.

Regular Intervention with the Student

Our expert counsellor regularly interact with the student and providing them all the required information about their enrolled course, necessary documents and keep updating them if there is any changes.

Evaluation about the Students for Admission Guidance

At this process our counsellor evaluate all the aspect from very beginning to till the admission take place, like typically in career counselling when students come for career counselling, they know what they are looking for but they are not sure enough like how these take place or how it may work. So our counsellor evaluating each and every aspects from student point of view.

Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. providing online counselling for the pan India student for the like if you are looking for Medical admission in Bangladesh, Medical admission in India, Medical admission in India, Medical admission in Ukraine, Medical admission in Russia and other course like management and engineering.

Note : on the admission time, final terms & condition will be applied.