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About Us

Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. is IAO (International Accreditation Organization) certified India’s premier education consultancy that performs students’ recruitment from India for its 800+ Institution partners across the world. While providing since 2008, we have sent 3000+ students to different well-known education institutions in the entire world to accomplish their study abroad dream and, secure their future by obtaining international degrees. Our services always preserve its high standard and quality in all aspects through appropriate guidance, friendly environment and of course the best-qualified advice and solutions. The world is complicated and fast changing. Children's lives indicate that complexness. Education must keep speed. Educational experiences motivate children to develop a desire for learning. These experiences brighten new thinking skills and lay lifetime base for pleasure, success, and involvement with life, management and globe citizenship.

Moral development and personality development are as essential to children's education as reading, geometry and written expression. Parents are challenging far more from schools. They often necessitate support from educational consultants as they supervise the many competing priorities in their kid's education. Parents also ask for assistance as they seek to improve and protect their scholar's individual development, individual expertise and skills development. Educational consultants bring relaxed and, to this complicated procedure.Moreover, each student is subject to a battery of assessments in order to adjudge their natural potential and character. Afterwards, most suitable profession options are recommended to students and, tips are provides for selecting the best one Fields like finance, accounting, law, medicine, dentistry, nursing, engineering, teaching, marketing are amongst the careers that have associations one has to are supposed to be to so they become affiliates or guys and they carry the acronyms after their name.                   

What do we do?

Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. deals with research options in MBBS admission, medical admission, and Management admission for learners. We are the innovator in this field. India is a vast country with varied people. Knowing about the course, higher education, place, charges involved and procedure for entrance is not everybody's cup of tea. We work carefully with colleges and universities, learners and parents in designing/deciding the profession so that everyone can get the best preferred-profession option as per their needs and capability. We aim to offer an affordable, reliable and a top quality service to all our student with our unique five stage counseling process which are :

          Establish a counselor-student relationships
          Diagnosing the problem of student
          Help Student in goal setting
          Regular interaction with student
          Evaluation of the student about admission guidance
We are extremely pleased that we are recognized for our advisor support. We do keep in mind about learners and parents restrictions.

Expert Counselling

We understand that each higher education student has different educational and social background as well as his/her truly unique objectives for studying overseas. Our purpose is to help them to decide on the most appropriate course and organization based on their individual passions and Educational accomplishment with complete assistance so that they can with confidently continue to engage in the amount objectives with possible success. Counselors’ are here to satisfy the desires of parents and motivate learners to accomplish their perspective through proper planning.

Our Values

We are impelled by our primary principles ‘ethics, skills and leadership’. We believe that loyalty makes way for true success. In synchronizing with our principles; we highly prevent students from using any fraudulent means for seeking their studies overseas.


“To provide the student with proper guidance and motivate them towards investing hard work, time and financial resources in shaping their career”


“To become a prestigious organization at the pan-global level in the field of career guidance and individuals development, helping individuals all around the world envisioning them.”

At Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. We always try to help the progress of matching the strong prospective student with the most appropriate higher education program in India and abroad and to endorse the International Educational opportunity to their students in renowned & esteemed universities across the globe.