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student testimonial

Student Testimonial

What our client says!

? I have always wanted big in my life. Getting in world class institution was something on top of my "Things to-do" list. Meta Education & Services Pvt. Ltd. made it very convenient and shaped a new exciting phase in my life towards high success.

- Abhishek Singh (MBBS Student)

? A class! I really appreciate all the help and support rendered by Meta Education & Services Pvt. Ltd. for my admission process. Thank you!

- Asharfi (MBBS Student)

? META CARRER & EDUCATION SERVICES helped me a lot in getting what I dreamt off. The counselor was very informative and helpful. I would thank Meta education to make me take the correct decision for my bright career.

- Jyoti (MBBS)

? The admission process went pretty smooth with META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES, It was an important decision of my life and Mr. PAWAN KUMAR helped me at every step.

- Mirza Quasainreza (MBBS)

? A class! I really appreciate all the help and support rendered by META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES for my admission process. Thank you!

- Shiva (MBBS)

? I was fortunate enough to walk straight up to META CARRER AND EDUCATION SERVICES and get everything done under one roof. In a few minutes I was convinced that I am in good hands. Thanks Sir.

- Shivaani Rajpoot (MBBS)

? Mr. Pawan kumar was extremely supportive and took lot of load off my shoulder and prepared me for the post admission process.

- Sourabh choudhary (MBBS)

? Overall experience with META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES was good. I was guided and helped by the counselors which made it very easy for me to go through all the process. Thanks to META CONSULTANCY.

- Aishwarya (MBBS)

? It was very pleasant and received a good response from the staff and the counselors are really helpful with the application and visa process.

- Amirullah (MBBS)

? They have done their part very well and gave their best to guide me to go through my application and visa process.

- Ayna Meharaj (MBBS)

? META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES is the best option if you want to go abroad for your studies. They will help and guide you in all the process. Thanks to META.

- Bhuvan Sharma (MBBS)

? Overall experience was good. The staff members and the counselors are very professional, kind and helpful. Thanks to META CARRER & EDUCATION SERVICES

- MD. Shahzad Alam (MBBS)

? Great experience with META. I had no idea about the universities but META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES has really helped me with that so I would like to thank them for the same.

- Mohd. Arif (MBBS)

? My counselor is extremely helpful and has decent knowledge about whatever is asked.

- Rituranjan (MBBS)

? Good guidance from Mr. Pawan Sir. Pleasant and prompt service from Meta . Thanks to them.

- Rohit sarkar (MBBS)

? My experience was good. They helped me to get the right university and also visa. My counselors helped me in all the process. Thank you.

- Roshan (MBBS)

? Overall good service provided. My counselor really helped me with the application and visa process.

- Saurabh Shing (MBBS)

? Excellent experience and I would definitely recommend META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES to all my friends and family.

- Nivedita Das (B.Tech)

? I had a very good experience with META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES. The application and visa process was very easy as the staff helped me throughout the procedure.

- Tarun kumar (MBBS)

? Thank you for all the efforts and support and for making my dream come true! It would have not been possible without META!

- Fahad Raheman (MBBS)

? A big thank you to all of you!! I must say that all of you have been very kind and helpful. Right from application to document preparation to the scary visa process.

- Prasnn (MBBS)

? My counselor was really helpful in assisting in every way possible. Thanks a lot to META.

- Sawandeep sharma (MBBS)

? My counselor was extremely professional, patient and co-operative. I wish her all the best.

- Abhiraj chauhan (BBA)

? Thank you for all the information that was provided to me. It helped me a lot and was indeed very useful.

- Abhishek Das (MBA)

? It was a great experience. All the help needed, was provided by my counselor whenever I needed it.

- Avish Kaura (MBBS)

? Wonderful experience. I got all my queries resolved. My counselor helped me a lot with the admission.

- Ayush Agarwal (B.Tech)

? Very co-operative.Easy to contact and prompt reply for every inquiry. Satisfactory experience.

- Himanshu Ahuja (M.Tech)

? META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES is the best and I have had the most grateful experience especially with my counselor.Very helpful and very supportive.

- Mugdha (MBBS)

? It was awesome. I got very good guidance in my selection of course.

- Sarthak Talwar (B.Tech)

? Very friendly and informative, felt so comfortable while doing process thank you. Will recommend my friends for sure.

- Riya Singh (MBBS)