Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou University

Guangzhou Medical University, formerly known as Guangzhou Medical College, is a Chinese medical school located in Guangzhou which is the third largest port city in China in the Guangdong Province. It was established in 1958. Guangzhou Medical University is composed of four campuses. The main Campus is located in Dongfeng Road West and the other three campuses are in Longdong, Haizhu and Jianggao. There are 23300 full-time students, including 10000 undergraduates, 1300 graduates, and 12000 continuing educational students. Guangzhou Medical University (GMU) is a medical institution which offers a full range of programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels. GMU has two main campuses. The Yuexiu campus is located in the downtown centre of Guangzhou City, near Liuhua Lake Park and Yuexiu Mountain. The Panyu Campus, is a new 247 acre campus, situated in Panyu District of Guangzhou City near Pearl River, an ideal place for learning and research.


The University aspires to provide MBBS admission in china quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. GMU offers 19 full-time undergraduate programmes: Clinical Medicine, Medical Laboratory, Medical Imaging, Nursing, Anesthesiology, Dentistry, Clinical medicine of integrated TCM and Western Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Sciences, Health Administration, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Psychology, Biotechnology, Law, Marketing, Statistics, Information Management& Information System, Food Quality and Safety.

GXMU has a beautiful campus which provides the teachers and students with an ideal environment and conditions for teaching, studying and living.

Fee Structure

University Years Tuition Fees Hostel Fees Health Insurance & Visa Extension Physical Examination & College Enrollment Expenses 1st Year & JW form) 1st Year(Including Hostel Visa Health Insurance 2nd Final Year (including Hostel Visa Health Insurance) Total Fees in 5 years (RMB)
Guangzhou Medical University 4.8+1 30,000 RMB 6,000 RMB 1,000 RMB 12000 RMB 49,000 RMB 37,000 RMB 1,85,000 RMB
Note:1 RMB = 10 INR approx. Other miscellaneous charges, China embassy & university external affairs: 5000 RMB(One Time Only). This Fee is approved by Govt. Medical Universities of China. We have mentioned as per our best information. Final Fee structure of MBBS in china is Subject to student Profile & College Management on joining time. It will come along with admission Letter. Terms and Conditions apply


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