Since, MBBS graduates will appear first time for the NEXT that will be probably replacing NEET PG; there are different type of queries, questions, and doubts troubling students.

Let us here discuss all the aspect in detail for a better understanding.

NEXT 2022 are in developing phase and there is no concrete information available. Here we will go step to step and detail the information based on the update available till now for the convenience of MBBS students and foreign medical graduates. The NEXT – a deciding examination will be held the first time in the year 2022. The 2017-2022 batches would be the first batch to appear for the NEXT 2022 examination.

NEXT Exam – Overview

National Exit Test (which is popular as NEXT) is a proposed Licentiate Medical Examination taken during the final year of the MBBS Program in India. This exam was introduced in The National Medical Commission Bill 2019.

This exam served the purpose of a Screening Test for Medical Graduates who are now supposed to qualify Medical Council of India Screening Test (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination or FMGE) as well. All the medical graduates in India also have to give the NEXT exam in case they want to do a post-graduation course from the year 2022.

What is the NEXT Exam?

As per the NMC Bill 2019, the NEXT exam is a common exit exam taken to promote deserving students to practice medicine in their respective fields or pursue higher education. NEXT exam is the common gateway to get a license allowing students to practice medicine across India. The reason for introducing the NEXT exam is to stop illegal practices and unqualified doctors practice the valuable modern medicine in the country, India. The implementation of this examination will make it mandatory for all the MBBS students to appear for the exit exam, clear the exam, and obtain the license to practice medicine.

Three years post the implementation of the NMC Bill 2019, the Exit Test, NEXT, will be made operational as proposed, which will further replace the current NEET-PG examination process. This exit exam will be conducted at the MBBS level, MCQ-based questions will be asked in the exam.


The prime objective is to improve the quality of healthcare system in India. It aims at improving the education quality in medicine. The NEXT exam will overcome challenge of increasing unqualified and unprofessional medical practitioners in the country. This examination will also standardize medical education.

Earlier students were not taking Internship seriously and used to stay busy in the coaching classes giving preparation of NEET PG that resulted in lack of the practical exposure and experience a successful medical graduate was supposed to have. It had become a major concern for the healthcare industry. The mandatory and a single common NEXT exam will help overcome many challenges noticed earlier resulting in better medical system in India.


NEXT exam will be conducted in 2 parts: NEXT -1 & NEXT -2

NEXT – 1

Students who are serious about their studies and devote the required will be able to crack NEXT – 1 easily. It will help go ahead for the next stage which is the compulsory 10 month INTERNSHIP Program. 

NEXT – 2

Implementation of the NEXT exam comes with many pros for the Indian medical system. The step taken by the Indian Government will not only lower corruption but will streamline the entire process of regulating the medical sector as well. NEXT course curriculum is designed to cover the essential aspects and evaluate the ability of essential skills in a successful medical student.  

Some of the benefits of the NEXT exam are mentioned below:

Key Advantages of NEXT for MBBS graduate

Advantages of NEXT for MBBS Abroad Students

It is also an added advantage of MBBS abroad students pursing course in medicine from different colleges based in European, Asian and other nations. Students pursuing MBBS abroad will now have to crack NEXT to become eligible to practice as a successful doctor in India. Study abroad student will not be required to appear for any other screening test if he or she qualifies the NEXT examination applicable in India from 2022.  


The NEXT exam will replace the NEET PG exam. The exam will be taken to evaluate MBBS graduates on completion of their course. Moreover, it will act as a gateway for MBBS students to get admission in postgraduate courses. MBBS graduates on clearing the exam have to serve in a rural or tribal area for a minimum period of 3 years. Candidates planning to do an MD/MS or any PG medical course are supposed to work for another 3 years in rural/tribal areas, in their chosen specialization.

With the introduction of the NEXT exam, the government of India aims to standardize education in the Medical domain, which surely will help common man as well in the future development of healthcare system in the nation. Follow us and ICMR for the latest updates related to NEXT – 2022.


What NEXT is?

NEXT will be the gateway to stand eligible to practice medicine in India. It will be the only screening test for all medical graduates. It will also be a Licentiate Exam for Post Graduate (PG) medical program. NEXT is commonly known as National Exit Test.

When will be NEXT effective in India?

The NEXT examination will be effective in India in the year 2022. Student from 2017 batch will be the first to appear for it in 2022

Will NEXT replace NEET PG in India?

Yes, NEXT will replace NEET PG in India.

Who are eligible for NEXT?

The final year MBBS students are eligible to appear for NEXT – 1 before becoming eligible for the Internship. Students planning for PG and Internship in India can appear for NEXT. Foreign medical students willing to practice in India is eligible for NEXT.

Is NEXT mandatory for medical students?

Passing NEXT is mandatory not only for the MBBS students pursuing course from the different medical institutions in India but also necessary for study abroad students willing to practice medicine in a private or government hospital in India.

 What will be the mode of NEXT examination in India?

NEXT- 1 will be an all India based online examination. NEXT – 2 will be the practical examination conducted at respective universities or colleges judged by the medical institutions.

What if I fail NEXT exam?

You can reappear for the NEXT examination. The final year MBBS students in Indian colleges will not be eligible for Internship mandatory for clearing the course. 

What is key objective of NEXT?

The key objective of NEXT in India is to combine the dual important examination including the MBBS licentiate exam and the MBBS exit exam into a single Exit Test.

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