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Qingdao University is situated in the historical and cultural city of Qingdao. It lies between Fushan Mountain and faces the Yellow Sea. It was formed out of Qingdao Specialized Institute of Higher Learning in 1909. The institute, unique in medical education, underwent various stages of transformation from Qingdao Medical School, Qingdao Medical University, and Qingdao Medical Specialized School.

Another historical source of Qingdao University is Private Qingdao University, established in 1924 and then named as National Qingdao University and National Shandong University. In 1946, National Shandong University merged with Qingdao Medical Specialized School, resulting in the establishment of the Medical School, which was later separated from Shandong University in 1956 and became Qingdao Medical School. Shandong University moved to Ji’nan in 1958, and Qingdao University started its reconstruction in 1985.


Distinctive disciplines originating from different periods are integrated into today’s Qingdao University in china, which, like a mighty river joined by meandering tributaries, surges forward with high hopes of the nation and for the future.

Qingdao University advocates academic inclusion, learning from diverse cultures, inherits human civilizations, pursue the truth of humanity and nature, and shoulder the social responsibility to cultivate high-quality talents, who take the lead in social development and cultural advancement.

Qingdao University for MBBS admission in china has evolved into a large-scale comprehensive university with multiple disciplines of natural science and social science. It has won acclaim from the society for its high-quality education and high academic level. Now students, faculty and staff of Qingdao medical University are look forward towards a brilliant future, with hopes and dreams and social responsibilities

Qingdao University Fee Structure

University Years Tuition Fees Hostel Fees Health Insurance & Visa Extension Physical Examination & College Enrollment Expenses 1st Year & JW form) 1st Year(Including Hostel Visa Health Insurance 2nd Final Year (including Hostel Visa Health Insurance) Total Fees in 5 years (RMB)
Qingdao University 4.8+1 30,000 RMB 8,000 RMB 1,600 RMB 12,000 RMB 53,000 RMB 39,600 RMB 1,99,400 RMB
Note:1 RMB = 10 INR approx. Other miscellaneous charges, China embassy & university external affairs: 5000 RMB(One Time Only). This Fee is approved by Govt. Medical Universities of China. We have mentioned as per our best information. Final Fee structure of MBBS in china is Subject to student Profile & College Management on joining time. It will come along with admission Letter. Terms and Conditions apply


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