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Welcome to Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd and thanks for selecting this Consultancy to pursue your Career Progression Planning. By choosing this Consultancy, you will always feel safe in your career planning. Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd is run & managed by a Galaxy of Career Experts & Professional Counsellors.

Undoubtedly with the help of our expert professional counsellors in the related field, you will get the benefit of a clear mindset which will help you to remove all the doubts persisting in your mind. It is the correct time to take the initiative and your career with determination. It is our foremost duty and responsibility to help you cross the hurdles in every decision making.

It is the fact that students and guardians are not getting the right information at the right time from the authorized agencies of colleges and universities, which also includes the exact process of the admission. Even though the counselling centres are increasing day by day, the students are not able to get the details that they want. To address this fact, META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES PVT. LTD is established by a group of professionals and academicians.

We believe in healthy educational counselling for the students along with timely and legal documentation and visa processing for best possible education career solution especially for Medical, Paramedical, Engineering, Management and other courses in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, South America, Mauritius, USA, Georgia, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, Malaysia, France and Italy. The company is the combination of professionals and academicians who are the experts from the various educational fields.

At last, Thanks for your continuous faith since a year-long to establish META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES PVT.LTD. Your trust helped us to become the most advanced educational career services provider and get famous in the journey of establishing the life of the students. We want to ensure you that our team will be more dedicated, innovative, and responsible in the service that we offer to the students in the coming days.


Mr. Pawan Kumar Solanki

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