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Study in Canada for a Rewarding Career

Choose Study in Canada for a Rewarding Career

Are you planning to study Management in Canada but you are not sure about your decision! Well, Canada is one of the best study abroad destinations, in every way be it the fee structure, the natural beauty, employment opportunities after the completion of the study and a lot more. However, you can get all the information required from Canadian educational consultants in Delhi before you start with the application process.

Canada ranks at 3rd position in the international student intake around the world while hosting more than 400000 students. MBA in Canada is one of the highly chosen professional programs and the top study destination for international students determined of seeking higher education abroad. Not only this, but the number of students travelling to Canada for quality education is increasing every year. Canada in comparison to other countries like the USA, the UK charge an economical fee for a wide range of courses taught in the different Canadian educational institutions.

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Why should you study in Canada?

Canada is known to provide many favourable reasons that make it the preferred destination for top-quality learning at a comparatively low cost. If you are feeling hard on finding the right reasons as to why you should study in Canada, then the following reasons will make it right for you.

  • Canada is one of those countries that let you study on campus while taking a part-time job for managing your expenses as well. 
  • Canada is a wonderful location to start your career.
  • Canadian universities indulge in providing scholarships even to students on study visas from a foreign country so that they can study in the country at a reasonable cost. 
  • The natural beauty of Canada is very appealing and alluring, something that will mesmerize you. 
  • Canadian weather corresponds with warm summers and cold biting winter which is great for students from countries where it hardly snows. 
  • The country is safe even for foreign students so you do not have to worry about security. 

The Additional Advantages to Indian Students in Canada

  • Comparatively low cost of living
  • Highly engaging study environment
  • No capitation fee
  • No admission test
  • Speedy Visa approval
  • Hassle-free and speedy admission process
  • Dedicated International Student support
  • The opportunities to win scholarships
  • Adaptable climatic condition for Indian students
  • Benefit of international student and Alumni network
  • Research-oriented learning and placement support
  • Good network of Indian students to support new students from India
  • Access to quality and delicious Indian food

Management in Canada

The country with its top-quality education, option to choose from the top business schools, hassle-free access to the on-campus modern amenities, safe study environment, and many other considerable advantages has made management in Canada the highly chosen program for higher studies abroad.  

More About Management in Canada

The desire to excel in a career and work in a leadership role lies in the mind of every individual whether he or she is a student or a working professional. Postgraduate studies in management, engineering, and more field are the option to do specialized study in the area of personal interest. The studies aim at enhancing your knowledge, developing leadership skills, and honing your professional skills. It further aims at making you able of accomplishing your long-term career goal of working in a management position in a leading organisation.

Masters in Management (MIM) course curriculum focuses on the study of subjects that covers the vital topics essential in making an individual become a successful management professional confident of working in a global work environment. Unlike MBA in Canada, to seek admission to the Management in Canada programme in your desired institution you do not need to have professional work experience.  

Masters in Management (MIM) – Quick Facts

MIM in Canada – Eligibility Criteria

  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Valid passport
  • Student Visa
  • Undergraduate degree
  • GMAT or GRE Score not mandatory but recommended

Popular Specialisations for Masters in Management (MIM), Canada

  • MIM in Marketing in Canada
  • MIM in Finance in Canada
  • MIM in Business in Canada
  • MIM in General Management in Canada
  • MIM in Economics in Canada
  • MIM in Accounting in Canada
  • MIM in International Business in Canada
  • MIM in Human Resources in Canada

MBA in Canada - Education of Excellent Quality

Enroll Now for MBA in Canada to Explore Your Potentials

Canada provides internationally recognized degrees, as well as high-quality education and job prospects. This increases the earning potential of students. The best institutions in Canada are among the most sought-after possibilities. They provide students with a world-class educational experience.

If you want to pursue an MBA in Canada, now is the time to act and put all of your worries aside. Students might benefit from a good learning curve in colleges. In Canadian schools, an MBA program focuses mostly on expanding your skill sets and assisting you in exploring your study area of interest to help you become a top specialist in the future. Canada’s pleasant climate will give your character a new lease on life and broaden your horizons.

The Top Colleges for MBA in Canada

Canadian MBAs have gained worldwide recognition, making the country one of the top three places in the world to pursue an MBA. Rotman School of Management, Schulich School of Business, or Desautels Faculty of Management is among Canada’s top MBA schools. For students within the country and outside the country, tuition costs at Canada’s top 20 MBA programs vary from CAD 20,000 and CAD 130,000.

The following are the best MBA schools in Canada

University of Waterloo
Courses Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology
Campus Waterloo
Study Level Postgraduate
Duration 12 Months
Intakes September
University of Manitoba
Courses Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Duration 12 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes September
University of New Brunswick
Courses Master of Business Administration – Project Management
Campus Fredericton
Duration 20 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Sep, Jan
Brock University
Courses Masters in Business Administration
Campus Niagara
Duration 24 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Jan, Sep
Lakehead University
Courses Master of Business Administration
Campus Thunder Bay
Duration 12 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Sep
Trent University
Courses Master of Management
Campus Peterborough
Duration 16 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Sep, Jan
University of Northern British Columbia
Courses Master of Business Administration
Campus Prince George
Duration 21 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Sep
University of Prince Edward Island
Courses Master of Business Administration
Campus University Avenue Charlottetown
Duration 12 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Sep, Jan, May
New York Institute of Technology Canada
Courses MBA Master of Business Administration (Management)
Campus Vancouver
Duration 24 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Jan, May, Sep
University of Regina
Courses Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Duration 24 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Jan, May, Sep
Royal Roads University
Courses Master of Global Management (18 month option)
Duration 18 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Sep, Jan, May
Trinity Western University
Courses Master of Business Administration
Duration 24 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Jan, Sep, May
Vancouver Island University
Courses Master of Business Administration ( MBA)
Campus Nanaimo
Duration 20 Months
Study Level Postgraduate
Intakes Sep, Jan

Choosing Canadian education consultants in Delhi

Canada is one of the best places for study when it comes to shaping your career at a professional level. The comprehensive education being provided in Canada helps in developing skilful employees and enhances social skills. If you are aware of it, then you must also be having the dream to enroll in one of the best universities in Canada. But the major problem strikes when you don’t find the right study in Canada consultant who would help you to reach your goals.

A professional consultant would not only show you the list of universities but will provide you will an array of options based on your interest. We have emerged as one of the professional Canadian education consultants in Delhi and are proud of our committed study abroad consulting services. We are Meta Career & Education Services Private Limited based in Delhi. We have proven industry experience and have helped 3000+ students fulfill their dream to study abroad. Our pool of experienced counsellors is engaged in assisting students to choose the right college/university abroad for admission to the undergraduate, graduate, nursing, MBBS, and other study programmes.

You need a consulting service that would make sure that every aspect of your MBA in Canada enrolment process is being taken care of. When it comes to the education service consultant you need to find someone reliable. An expert consultant would not only link you to the college or the university but would also make sure that you select the right course. One of the important parts of consultation is counselling. If the counselling is rightly done then you will come across the right course that would be suitable for your career. Meta Career & Education Services can be the best guide to help you out through admission documentation and other processes of the application.

Visit us or Contact us now to book your appointment for counselling and admission support for the management in Canada studies.  

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