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What Best Can We Do For You?

We are a team of seasoned career guidance experts with immense counselling experience and to every student, we provide a dedicated counsellor who manages his credentials, sums up his strong academic areas on the basis of performance and propose a career path alongside an overseas college or university for admission, which is prestigious and whose medical and engineering courses are recognized in India for registration and professional practice.
Students’ records may lack in certain areas, such as minimum percentage required for admission in class 12th, non-availability of seats in Indian colleges, family has limited budget for overseas admission, students prefer some specific country for admission as he has got friends and cousins studying there and so forth.
Young age is the time when minds are not so developed to make a firm decision. Students are seen confused and are unable to make-up their mind about any specific career pathway to choose and to stick to. Hence, our polished career guidance team simply checks their key academic areas, discuss their ambition and plans and checks their attitude and recommend suitable career goal and thereby encourage them to initiate steps and to be positive enough to cherish that goal with firm resolve. Rest, we are here to support them in every way possible.
At Meta Education And Careers, our association with students does not end with the admission guidance and till the time, he gets the admission, but we extend our full range of assistance even after admission to any overseas college. For instance, we help them in getting hostel rooms, we help them in getting books, we give them proper support through our old students who are already there in that city or college and so forth. We are truly your one-stop point for a wide range of career guiding assistance.
We conduct a comprehensive screening of students and critically evaluate their academic performance and then recommend the most suitable course, college, university or any other medical or business management institution which would always be well-established and recognized for its quality education and training, worldwide.
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Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. is best education consultant in india has a proven records in counselling students online and we strongly believe and understand that each student has different educational and social background as well as his/her truly diferrent objectives for studying overseas. Our purpose is to help them to decide for the most appropriate course and organization based on their individual passions and Educational accomplishment with complete assistance so that they can with confidently continue to engage in the amount objectives with possible success. Counsellors at Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. are here to satisfy the desires of parents and motivate learner.

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What Is It That Makes Us Unique ?

  • Professional Counsellors :-  We are a team of widely experienced professional counsellors with massive experience in providing overseas admission assistance and who have thus helped shape the careers of thousands of students. Now, at Meta Education And Careers, we fully realize the changing corporate dynamics and top companies, in any industry, recruit only those with considerable global exposure and the best way is to get qualified from some widely recognized college or university. Hence, our counsellors (as MBBS in India) always harp upon the best of the academic training institutions and prepare the student profiles accordingly for quick selection.

  • Rich Legacy Of 12 Glorious Years :- The system of education and training in western countries or on foreign turf is all about learning the skills through practice with little focus on theory and then to develop a person in different areas of skills, such as language, handling a situation, personality development, interpersonal skills and so forth. Once through all such barriers, what comes out is the most competent and widely sought after professional who would prove his mettle in all areas of his study and training field. Hence, at Meta Education and Careers, we believe in establishing a deep-rooted and strong trust with students and their families and we have been able to win hearts of around 3 lakhs students during the past 12 years of service, whom we helped and who are either studying in reputed colleges around the world or have been bright professionals of their field of study.

  • Best Medical Education Consultants :-  MBBS in china & abroad consultant is not to mince words, but owing to our towering expertise in handling such overseas admission cases for a period of last 12 years, our counsellors have become proficient enough to create an impressive student profile for quick and hassle-free selection. we simply represent over200 universities worldwide in various counties, like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Singapore, etc.

  • Trusted Service In Overseas Education Admission :- Overseas admission process is lengthy and a bit complicated and is time-consuming and then, applications from international students are accepted only for a limited period of time, but for our seasoned academic experts with super know-how, such is an easy task to perform. Trust our academic guidance skills and we shall carve out new career avenues for you with massive global opportunities.

  • Full Range Of Admission Assistance And Travel Services:-  We provide a full range of service, such as applying for admission to any overseas colleges or academic institutions for undergraduate or post graduate courses, medical or management programs, filing study visa application, extending travel assistance, helping students in getting hostel rooms and then, providing students with useful interview tips. Please refer to the testimonials section of our website and learn about the success stories from students whom we assisted in the past.

  • Best education consultant in india :-  Enrolling for medical study overseas, for business management admission abroad or MBA admission abroad opens new ways to career glory, since such academic institutions and study colleges enjoy immense prestige across the globe and successful candidates find easy breakthroughs soon after clearing the exams. Then, in case of Russia, students can carry out medical practice in that country on completing the MBBS exam without applying for any license. As such, prestigious overseas universities are like a prominent gateway to glorious careers and we, as the best MBA admission abroad, are your ultimate consultancy.

  • Top Ranked Colleges According To Your Preference And Budget :-  From medical study to dentistry to engineering to business management, whichever field you are interested in and if you have mark-sheets that highlight academic brilliance till 12th standard, we shall carve out new ways to professional glory. Moreover, Medical education is pretty economical in other countries as tuition fee is waived for international students, especially in Bangladesh, Russia, China etc. Therefore, when thinking study MBBS in Russia at low cost, please place your trust with us and we are equally proficient in management admission abroad assistance too.

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What our students say

medical students
Abhishek Singh

I have always wanted big in my life. Getting in world class institution was something on top of my "Things to-do" list. Meta Education & Services Pvt. Ltd. made it very convenient and shaped a new exciting phase in my life towards high success.

medical students

A class! I really appreciate all the help and support rendered by Meta Education & Services Pvt. Ltd. for my admission process. Thank you!

medical students
Mirza Quasainreza

The admission process went pretty smooth with META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES, It was an important decision of my life and Mr. PAWAN KUMAR helped me at every step.

medical students

A class! I really appreciate all the help and support rendered by META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES for my admission process. Thank you!

medical students

Overall experience with META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES was good. I was guided and helped by the counselors which made it very easy for me to go through all the process. Thanks to META CONSULTANCY.

medical students

META CARRER & EDUCATION SERVICES helped me a lot in getting what I dreamt off. The counselor was very informative and helpful. I would thank Meta education to make me take the correct decision for my bright career.

medical students
Shivaani Rajpoot

I was fortunate enough to walk straight up to META CARRER AND EDUCATION SERVICES and get everything done under one roof. In a few minutes I was convinced that I am in good hands. Thanks Sir.

medical students
Sourabh choudhary

Mr. Pawan kumar was extremely supportive and took lot of load off my shoulder and prepared me for the post admission process.

medical students

It was very pleasant and received a good response from the staff and the counselors are really helpful with the application and visa process.

medical students
Ayna Meharaj

They have done their part very well and gave their best to guide me to go through my application and visa process.

medical students
Bhuvan Sharma

META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES is the best option if you want to go abroad for your studies. They will help and guide you in all the process. Thanks to META.

medical students
MD. Shahzad Alam

Overall experience was good. The staff members and the counselors are very professional, kind and helpful. Thanks to META CARRER & EDUCATION SERVICES

medical students
Mohd. Arif

Great experience with META. I had no idea about the universities but META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES has really helped me with that so I would like to thank them for the same.

medical students

My counselor is extremely helpful and has decent knowledge about whatever is asked.

medical students
Rohit sarkar

Good guidance from Mr. Pawan Sir. Pleasant and prompt service from Meta . Thanks to them.

medical students

My experience was good. They helped me to get the right university and also visa. My counselors helped me in all the process. Thank you.

medical students
Saurabh Shing

Overall good service provided. My counselor really helped me with the application and visa process.

medical students
Nivedita Das

Excellent experience and I would definitely recommend META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES to all my friends and family.

medical students
Tarun kumar

I had a very good experience with META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES. The application and visa process was very easy as the staff helped me throughout the procedure.

mbbs students
Fahad Raheman

Thank you for all the efforts and support and for making my dream come true! It would have not been possible without META!

mbbs students

A big thank you to all of you!! I must say that all of you have been very kind and helpful. Right from application to document preparation to the scary visa process.

mbbs students
Sawandeep sharma

My counselor was really helpful in assisting in every way possible. Thanks a lot to META.

mbbs students
Abhiraj chauhan

My counselor was extremely professional, patient and co-operative. I wish her all the best.

mbbs students
Abhishek Das

Thank you for all the information that was provided to me. It helped me a lot and was indeed very useful.

mbbs students
Avish Kaura

It was a great experience. All the help needed, was provided by my counselor whenever I needed it.

mbbs students
Ayush Agarwal

Wonderful experience. I got all my queries resolved. My counselor helped me a lot with the admission.

mbbs students
Himanshu Ahuja

Very co-operative.Easy to contact and prompt reply for every inquiry. Satisfactory experience.

mbbs students

META CAREER & EDUCATION SERVICES is the best and I have had the most grateful experience especially with my counselor.Very helpful and very supportive.

mbbs students
Sarthak Talwar

It was awesome. I got very good guidance in my selection of course.

mbbs students
Riya Singh

Very friendly and informative, felt so comfortable while doing process thank you. Will recommend my friends for sure.

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Our services

  • Career counseling :-  Youngsters are at the crucial stage of their life and can easily make up their mind for some course or field with underlying confidence, such as medical study, dentistry, engineering, business management and so forth.Especially, for overseas medical study, we have been immensely helpful in helping students to enrol to study MBBS in kyrgyzstan at low cost. Hence, at Meta Education And Career is also known as best consultants for MBBS admission in abroad, we provide superior career counselling services where we go through students’ certifications, recommend the best study course option, college and a reputed university while also considering their available funds.

  • University selection :-  There are tens of thousands of universities scattered around the world for scores of courses but at Meta Education and Careers, being the prominent and best education consultants in India, always select the world-ranking universities and accredited colleges and never compromise upon the youngsters’ career building.

  • Admission Assistance :-  There are colleges and universities in countries like Bangladesh, Russia, China, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan etc. for which, we have applied for admission for thousands of students during past years and hence our admission counsellors have been pretty proficient in such admission process series. When applying for any such prestigious universities in such countries, we file complete set of papers in one go after which application processing is done fast enough.

  • Study Visas :-  Once admission is granted, we also assist students in applying for study visa and like applicationsfor university admission, our visa application and papers are also so comprehensive that visa processing is done in as less as 12 working days.

  • Study Loans And Scholarships:-  There are bright minds who want to study hard and to excel the ladder in life but their families lack proper funds. Therefore, from government banks, we also assist in seeking study loans to remove any hurdle in the path of progress. Besides, a lot of universities also award scholarships to extra-ordinary students in an attempt to attract distinct talent and at Meta Education and Careers, we take care of all such aspects which are crucial to students’ overall enhancement.

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Our vision

To become a prestigious organization at the pan-global level in the field of career guidance and individual development, helping individuals all around the world visulalizing a bright career. At Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. we always try to help the progress of prospective students with the most appropriatee higher education program in india and abroad and to endrose the international educational opportunity to students in renowned & esteemed universities across the globe.