Frequently Ask Questions

What is Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd.?

It’s an online management consulting, career, education services and outsourcing company. We deal with study options in India and abroad. We provide worldwide career counseling and admission guidance. We are India’s first ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Educational Consultancy group. In brief, we provide career and admission guidance in all professional courses.


How old is Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd.?

Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. is over a decade old organization.


What is the aim of the Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd.?

We believe in the concept of spreading genuine education and providing meaningful employability to everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender, language, region, sect, religion, and nationality etc. We work meticulously with colleges, students and parents in designing/deciding the career path so that everyone can get the best desired career option. We aim to provide a cost effective, reliable and a high quality service to all our customers.


What are the services which we provide?

Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. gives special care in student support, assisting them through the admission procedure and continues our support all throughout their tenure overseas. We as a Group provide following services:

  • College selection for admission
  • Complete admission formalities
  • Preparation for admission formalities
  • Providing companies for campus placement
  • Arrange college faculties
  • Branding and promotional services for the reputed educational institutions and allied corporate entities.
  • Career guidance and admission solutions for NRI students.

What are the courses in which we provide admission solutions?

We provide admission solutions in almost all subjects. We have our expertise in the subjects like Medical, Engineering, Management Pharmacy, Dental, Nursing, Hotel Management, Fashion Designing, Education and Humanities etc.


Do we provide only Degree level admission solutions?

We provide admission solutions and admission guidance at all levels of higher education, i. e., Graduation, Diploma, Post-Graduation, M. Phil and Ph. D.


Does Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. also provide interview/GD/PI preparation for students?

Yes, we do provide admission interview/GD/PI preparations for our students. In fact we provide all sorts of logistic support which can benefit a student in their future making.


Do we charge any consultation fee?

Our charge is very nominal, that too, you pay us when you are satisfied. In fact, in your satisfaction lies the recognition of our services which we render.


What differentiates Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. from other educational consultancies?

Unlike other educational services, Meta Career & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. gives priority in helping students in having access to courses and subjects of their choices/need, shaping their career by sharing correct information regarding courses, colleges and career, guiding them correctly, and be their partner in their education and career shaping. Besides, we have the best group of professionals in the entire industry who are known for their working skills, information, and integrity and pro- active attitudes. Our progress rate and your satisfaction with us are the real testimony to this.


Do we provide customized services also?

Yes, we are known for providing customized services. Our professionals perform career guidance and counseling as per the requirement. Imposition of ideas of any sort on students/parents is completely detested.


Do we provide guaranteed admission and guaranteed employment?

We provide commitments. Today with our cent percent accurate guidance and commitments, over thousands of students have already made their career as successful professionals. Similarly, every year thousands of students join reputed colleges/institutes of their choices and pursue their dream subjects. Please bear in mind that we are not an FMCG company who declares guarantee of their products. We are in to the educational field where commitment matters and are always highly valued.


What should be the most suitable time for a student to begin mulling over his/her career related educational options?

Although it is difficult to say anything regarding this as the issue varies from individual to individual, yet appearing 10th or 12th may be regarded as ideal time. As a matter of fact, in today’s highly competitive educational and employment scenario, an early start is always recommended to start excogitating about higher education and employment.


How Educational institutes can benefit from us?

Selected quality institutions which have left indelible imprint in bringing the knowledge revolution in the country are our esteemed associates. We do their branding and promotions by making them reachable across all sections.


Do we also promote social, cultural and educational activities?

From time to time we arrange seminars, meetings and other programmed to bring some concrete qualitative shifts in the society at numerous levels.