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Diploma Programs Overseas Opens Door to Endless Job Opportunities

A good employment opportunity has become a major concern of the young aspirants today. Many students are found pursuing a degree and postgraduate courses in different fields from abroad for a rewarding career opportunity. Students looking for short-term courses within a limited budget can now easily enroll in the various Diploma programs abroad.

Meta Career & Education Services not only help Indian students in seeking admission to the course like MBBS, MBA, Engineering abroad but also facilitates job-oriented Diploma courses abroad in coordination with many renowned educational institutions overseas. Eligible applicants can choose the course of interest and pursue a course that assures good employment opportunities.

We are an authorised admission partner for many renowned educational institutions offering Degree/Diploma courses in management, tourism, medicine, hospitality, administration, engineering, and more.

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Key Take Away

Completing Diploma in your desired field from overseas can win you good jobs
You can generate good income as a part-time or fulltime worker
Diploma from abroad can help you earn a stable career opportunity
Stable career with good earning potentials waits abroad for talented Indian candidates.
There are great opportunities for hopeful aspirants doing specialised work-oriented studies in Tourism & Hospitality Management, Engineering, Administration, Hotel Management, and others.
The full-time employment income for the above course professional in foreign nations ranges from USD 1500 to USD 3000 a month depending on work experience. It can exceed depending on your job profile and company type.
Indian students should not miss the chance of a job-oriented Diploma course overseas.

About Diploma Courses in Tourism & Hospitality Management

The Diploma courses today have become the most preferred option today for the Indian students looking for job-oriented courses. The Diploma courses in Tourism & Hospitality Management are short duration programs. The fee for the courses is also low. Students and also other candidates can easily afford the course fee.

Tourism & Hospitality Management Diploma Program is classified into different levels. The commonly opted levels are Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, and Level 7. A candidate can choose the level of the Diploma course according to his/her need for specialisation. The most demanding diploma courses in Tourism & Hospitality Management have course duration of 12 months.

The job-oriented short-term Diploma courses are available in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business Management, Strategic Management and Leadership, Human Resource, logistic supply & Chain Management, and more.

A Brief on Some Popular Destinations for Studies Overseas

Poland: There are many job oriented Diploma courses for Indian candidates in Poland. The professionals doing job-based courses in medical, management, law, hotel management, nursing, sports, cosmetics, engineering, pharmacy, and more can earn rewarding career options.

Key Facts

Salary per month for successful candidates in Poland is € 800 to 1800
Working hours per day for working professionals is 4 to 10 hours
Monday to Friday is working with weekend fixed holidays
For every extra hour, the pay ranges from € 10 to 15 in general. It may vary depending on a company’s needs.

Countries namely Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, China, and more have also opened the door for international candidates looking for a career abroad with endless growth. There are a number of the courses available for eligible applicants in these hot destinations.

Popular Courses for Indian Students:

Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
Diploma in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Bachelor of Science(Honours) Computing (University of Northampton, UK)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies (University of Northampton, UK)
Bachelor of Science(Honours) Computing (University of Northampton, UK)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fashion Marketing (University of Northampton, UK)
Postgraduate Diploma in Management
Master of Business Administration (University of Northampton, UK)
Master of Business Administration (University of Stirling, Scotland)
Master of Science Banking and Finance (University of Stirling, Scotland)
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

The above-mentioned are some of the best jobs oriented courses in abroad that can help you in getting a good job posting post completing the courses successfully.

European Nations for Study and Career Options

European nations have also been a top choice for Indian students interested in higher education and Diploma Programs overseas. There are a number of favourable reasons students from Indian territories enjoy while pursuing Diploma courses, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in European and other nations.

Below is a glance at popular courses, duration, and fee (approx.)

Type of Courses Course Duration Tuition Fee
Diploma level 4 in Tourism & Hospitality Management 12 months €5000
Diploma Level 5 in Tourism & Hospitality Management 12 months €5000
Diploma in Level 6 in Tourism and Hospitality Management BA (Hons) in Tourism & Hospitality Management 12 months €5000/ €5800
Level 4 Diploma in Business Management 12 months €5000
Level 5 Diploma in Business Management 12 months €5000
Level 6 Diploma in Business Management BA (Hons) in Business Management 12 months €5000/ €5800
Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership 12 months €6000
Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource 12 months €6000
Level 7 Diploma in logistic supply and Chain Management 12 months €6000
Diploma in Level 7 in Tourism and Hospitality Management 12 months €6000
MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership (Level 7 + 6 Months Top Up from Chichester UK) 18 months €10000

The candidates planning to do jobs in foreign must do research well about the organization they are planning to join. Don’t stay uneducated about the organization in which you are planning to apply. Also, demonstrate your skills and knowledge areas clearly and you must think of your interests and learning passion while exploring the career opportunities ahead. Don’t pursue a course in a particular field just because it’s trending and is preferred by your cousins or friends, rather choose a course which you want to learn without getting pressurized from someone else.

Important to Know

Indian candidates successfully completing the different courses can earn a salary of € 12000 to € 28000 per month
The days for working, in general, are Monday to Friday. Weekend holidays are common in most of the organisations in European countries.
Working hours are 4 to 10 hours per day.
Indian candidates working abroad enjoy a higher standard of living.

Advantages of Working Abroad

  1. Boosts Your CV

    This is one of the biggest benefits of working abroad allowing you to boost your CV. Most of the people plan to move back to their homeland after some time. So till the time you are working abroad, you can enhance the chances of boosting your profile. If you do a job in a foreign environment, your adaptability, flexibility, and communication skills will improve greatly. It will help you to get a respectful job post coming back to your home country.

  2. Better living standards

    Many countries overseas have healthier economies and a higher standard of living. Not only the professionals can enjoy a higher salary, but their families would also be able to experience a better lifestyle.

  3. Better remuneration

    some countries around the world lack local talent in certain industries and are ready to pay more than the UK industry standard for British natives. It is worthy to look at these opportunities which can offer a higher salary as well. Many companies abroad not only offer high salaries but many perks in addition. Incentives are also offered to the eligible professionals doing a job in their company.

  4. Chance to experience a new culture

    Getting a job abroad will help you to experience the local culture which will not only be useful from a personal perspective, but it can also boost your professional skills on a wider level. While enjoying Jobs in Japan or Jobs in Spain, Indian students can develop good relationships with international students following varied cultures. It not only helps you learn about the different international cultures but also become part of international students network.

  5. Gain work experience

    Another great about working abroad for Indian students working after Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management is the scope for endless growth. Indian students completing a Diploma from abroad can explore many opportunities which in turn can help them in getting a good job within the industry.

Know More About Jobs in Abroad

Doing prestigious jobs abroad is a dream of a lot of young aspirants including the Indian students as well. A dream to fetch a good job abroad can pay them good. However, sometimes one of the major problems while getting a job overseas is the lack of information regarding the courses and career paths which one can explore to get employed overseas. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to get international job opportunities.

There are many job oriented courses in abroad that can pay well to the aspirants planning to have a flourishing career ahead. In case you are planning to get jobs in a foreign nation Diploma in Business Management is a better choice. But, sometimes choosing the perfect course in the right country can become a daunting task. An aspirant, therefore, need to cake the correct decision regarding the same, as it plays a vital role in job placements.

There are many courses which you can consider doing from abroad that can surely enhance your chances of getting jobs overseas particularly in some of the developed countries across the world. Some of the popular countries include the US, the UK, Australia, Russia China, Japan, and Singapore.

Job Oriented Courses Overseas

Identifying the right career path along with the course and destination country is important so that the candidates can have a great career ahead. Meta Career & Education Services helps all the eligible Indian aspirants choose job-oriented courses abroad for a better tomorrow.

Key Services at Meta Career & Education Services

Professional career counselling
Assist in choosing the right course
Choosing the top education institution abroad for the higher studies
Helping students choose the job-oriented course with good career scope
Aiding in selecting the best country for course and employment
Document support & Admission support
VISA application support & air ticketing


Most of the Indian job seekers miss out on employment opportunities abroad as they are not informed about the application and interview process of the particular country in which they are planning to apply.

There are many advantages of doing jobs in abroad, especially in the Western Countries and Europe, as these countries offer higher packages to the working professionals along with offering a suitable working environment. Doing MBBS abroad or MBA abroad can help eligible Indian candidates write their own success stories.

Meta Career & Education Services can help you get a good job abroad on the basis of Diploma courses. Living abroad can benefit your career in more than one way and it’s worthy to do a professional course abroad. Students who cannot afford MBBS abroad can now go for the Diploma Program in various areas. The Diplomas are the job-oriented studies that aim at earning a job with good earning options overseas.

Contact us right now to know more about the varied job oriented Diploma courses abroad and enrolment!