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MBBS in Northern State Medical University 2024-25

MBBS admission in Northern State Medical University – Northern State Medical University was founded in 1932 as Northern State Medical University. Since 1994 it was Arkhangelsk State Medical Academy (ASMA) and from 2000 – Northern State Medical University.

The university trains specialists according to 6 secondary educational programs, 18 higher (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate) professional educational programs, 59 internship programs. Professional retraining and post graduate education are carried out in 72 specialties. Total number of faculties – 10, departments – 46. Nowadays 519 lecturers, among them 1 Academician RAS, 1 Corresponding Member RAS, 88 Doctors of Sciences, 276 Candidates of Sciences, 50 persons with Professor Degree, 147 – Associated professors, 60 persons with Honorary Degrees of the Russian Federation, 32 – Experts of Public Health work at the university.

Training of academic and teaching staff is carried out via post-graduate and post-doctoral programs and Ph.D. thesis preparation. Post-graduate training includes 35 professions and 6 courses, post-doctoral training –2. Two Dissertation Committees work at the university.

Northern State Medical University

International cooperation is one of the key areas of the university development. In recent years 24 international projects were implemented in NSMU together with partners from BЕАR (19 – Norway).

Over 10 years more than 40 international projects mostly in different areas of Arctic Medicine have been carried out. In the frames of bilateral cooperation NSMU has 19 existing agreements with scientific and educational structures of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, India, Denmark, Canada and Germany.

Since 2004 NSMU is a member of University of Arctic.

Since 2001, every year exchange of student groups with one of the oldest medical schools of the world – Medical College of Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland) takes place.

In the frames of FIRST и FIRST Lapland programs students and lecturers have an opportunity for training and internship at the universities of Finland. As a part of cooperation with UiT – the Arctic University of Norway (Troms ), students from NSMU undertake research and clinical practice and internship.

Besides, since 2009-2010 academic year students’ training at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway up to 1 semester has been introduced. Over recent years more than 100 of our students worked and trained in Troms , 32 of them continue scientific studies after graduation from Medical University in the frames of joint projects.

45 graduates from NSMU have defended PhD thesis in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Poland, Netherland, Taiwan and Australia.

The largest international project of the last decade is a creation of Arkhangelsk International School of Public Health. The project was implemented together with UiT – the Arctic University of Norway and several other universities of the Northern Europe with support from the Program of Healthcare of the Barents Region (Ministry of Healthcare of Norway).

Today, Arkhangelsk International School of Public Health trains specialists in a wide range of basic professions to scientific and professional activity in the field of public health. By now, 43 graduates have earned master’s degree and got Diplomas of UiT – the Arctic University of Norway in Public Health.

The most important field of international cooperation in the NSMU is development of medical educational export. Today more than 500 foreign people from 20 countries study at the university. From 1999 ASMA, and later NSMU (from 2007) has been included in the Database of the world recognized medical schools maintained by the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Database of medical universities “Avicenna” (Denmark). Besides, the university is recognized by Medical Councils of India and Thailand (The official recognition of the Medical Council of Thailand is valid from 2014 to 2019).

It allows graduates – foreign citizens – freely pass license exams in the native country. Rector of the Northern State Medical University L.N. Gorbatova.

This Fee is approved by The Medical Institutions of Russia. We have mentioned as per our best information. Final Fee structure is Subject to student Profile & College Management on joining. It will come along with admission Letter. 

Admission Criteria for MBBS Admission In Northern State Medical University

 DURATION- 6 years (Decided by University’s authorized department). if you qualify in it. you will get mbbs admission in Northern State Medical University.

Affiliation & Recognition Medical Admission in Northern State Medical University

WHO (World Health Organization)/Russian Government through the Ministry of Health on the basis of the laws of Russian Federation, NMC (National Medical Commission), Ministry of HRD India.

You need the following documents for admission

Northern State Medical University Fee Structure

The Northern State Medical University fee structure is affordable

Year / Fees StructureTuition FeeHostel FeeTotal Fees
First Year6000$Hostel is including in this fee6000$
Second Year6000$Hostel is including in this fee6000$
Third Year6000$Hostel is including in this fee6000$
Fourth Year6000$Hostel is including in this fee6000$
Fifth Year6000$Hostel is including in this fee6000$
Sixth Year6000$Hostel is including in this fee6000$
Food Charges (Per month) = 80$ TO 100$
MBBS in Russia – Tuition Fees and Hostel Charges for 6 Years36000$

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