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A Brief Guide for MBBS in Abroad

There are many good reasons why student studies abroad. They are a shortage of seats in own country, high-quality education, global culture, more job opportunity, world-class facilities, affordable tuition fee, no capitation fee, and more. Sometimes, you don’t get the desired education in your country. But, there are MBBS study abroad doors always open and at a lower cost compared to the expenses in India. It is better to do MBBS abroad instead of taking admission in a private university in the country. Your abroad MBBS consultant can help you in seeking MBBS abroad admission to a prestigious medical college.

Important Consideration for MBBS in Abroad

MBBS applicants need to take into consideration several factors to ensure good MBBS study abroad experience. A wrong decision or a decision made in a hurry can ruin your career and result in disappointment. So, students should hire a professional education abroad consultant for the worry-free admission and post-admission support. Choose us for the best from the rest admission support services in Delhi.

Choose MCI Approved Medical University in Abroad

We recommend you to select only the MCI Approved Medical University. You should never choose a University with no recognition from the Medical Council of India for completing your MBBS abroad especially in Europe. You should never choose a University with no recognition from the Medical Council of India. It is necessary to study medicine from the MCI approved medical institution abroad for Indian medical students planning to pursue MBBS study with the aim of returning back to the motherland to practice medicine.

Also, it is better to choose government-run medical institutions for the MBBS course. There are many reasons for it. Private university generally provides only dummy bodies for doing clinical science rotations. Their local government does not allow them to use the human body for the experiment. Many private universities don’t have a good educational background. But that does not mean that all the private universities are bad.

Don’t forget that there are many private educational institutions having a very good global and country ranking. Look for such prestigious medical universities with the help of your MBBS abroad consultants in Delhi and other regions for the top-quality education at a competitive cost. There are many private universities recognized for their high quality of education. It depends on your research to study MBBS abroad.

There are many private universities having learned faculties. They have a course in English for international medical candidates. They have good hostel facilities, safe surroundings, and world-class education facilities

Good experience of teaching MBBS

Make sure that the university you choose should have a good teaching experience for overseas students. We believe that a university takes time to handle the teaching related to overseas MBBS students. Also, it takes time to develop a sense and knowledge base of MBBS study for foreign students. Check that the MBBS in abroad is according to the format of their medical council. It will result in good job compatibility for you.

Good global and country ranking

Always select a country which has a ranking in the top 15 universities or institute of the respective country. Don’t accept anything lower than that. The ranking criteria depend on various parameters. They are quality of education, practical study, reputation, after study benefits, food, and other important criteria. Remember to choose a university with good infrastructure, faculties, and good academic records. So, select a university with the top world rankings.

English based study

It is very essential to select the English medium MBBS study program for your <b>study MBBS in abroad</b> dream. It is very much possible that the agent you choose offers you a bilingual program. It can be stressful for you later as learning another language will take your extra time. It will be difficult to manage time with important lectures. So, parents need to check the medium of the instruction of the course for which you are applying.

Settling for the bilingual program for the sake of saving one year will put you in difficulty. Different abroad MBBS consultants promote English program. We at Meta Career & Education Services help you choose a top-ranked medical university. Our selected universities offer MBBS courses in English to international students.

Availability of Indian mess

It is very important to check the availability of Indian mess or good quality food by the university you select. Some of the global universities don’t offer Indian food or a mess. It forces Indian students to cook their food. It can be stressful and time consuming for students to cook food. Students can invest the food cooking time in studies.

Top Indian Student Preferred Countries for MBBS Abroad

mbbs in russia
mbbs in bangladesh
mbbs in poland
mbbs in nepal
mbbs in kazakhstan

Why Indian Students Choose Study MBBS Abroad ?

Indian medical education is quite expensive. Around 6, 25,000 students miss the chance to study. It is due to a shortage of seats in medical institutions and higher fees. For such students, there is a good opportunity overseas. MBBS in abroad for Indian students is the best option today. 

The institutions engaged in offering MBBS program offer you quality education and certification. It leads to better career prospects. Some of the top MBBS abroad destinations are Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Germany. Universities in these countries follow the international curriculum. They have earned recognition from global health organizations like WHO, Medical Council of India (MCI), and more.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a University

  • Look that the university offers MCI screening coaching or not
  • Get familiar with the university ranking details
  • Details of the medical course curriculum, faculty, and number of student to faculty ratio
  • Accommodation and tuition fees
  • Check out the number of Indian students studying there
  • Look at the certification and authorization of the university
  • Living cost of the country

Also, consider that the MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost is available or not. It should not increase your budget more and meet your study objectives.

Self-application V/s MBBS Abroad Consultants

There are a lot of advantages to hiring MBBS abroad consultants. They are expert from application to admission and can support you in all work. They have experienced staff members, resources, expertise, and a good network to take care of your admission work.

Market insights

The MBBS abroad consultants are experts in knowing the potential of a university abroad. They know which university is having better global exposure and are the best education providers. Your success will depend upon your skills and knowledge for MBBS abroad. Self-application is more research-oriented and can take a lot of time in knowing about the right institutes. But the consultant is aware of the entire education process of a particular institute. It will be far difficult for you to know the current education trends for different countries and their study method.

Follow-ups and time management

You can follow up the application with the consultant at every stage. You can get updates on your previous steps. It can be time-saving and important for you. The <b>study MBBS abroad consultants</b> can help you out at every stage. It can give updates throughout the process of choosing a university to get an air ticket. It will help you manage your time. For self-application, there is no one except you to take care of knowing updates from the institutes.

Eligibility and shortlisting

Eligibility has an important role in defining your course and country. Understanding eligibility is more important before knowing your preferences. Sometimes, you select some universities but not eligible for them. It may be due to fewer marks in academic or other considerations. Your consultants have top tie-ups with a lot of good and well-recognized universities. They might consider you even if you are not matching their eligibility criteria.


Even if you take references from your family and friends, they will be able to suggest some options only. It will be on their personal experience and knowledge whereas education overseas consultants are an industry expert. They are much better than random external help. The consultants can connect with different students pursuing MBBS from their chosen college or university. They can explore a wide range of good colleges that offers a choice of courses at a lower fee.

Documentation and university interviews

Filing document carefully is necessary. Your hired consultant can help you in doing proper documentation without any mistakes such as using scorecards and transcripts. They can help you in cracking the interview with the chosen college and university. They can also arrange students abroad from the university at the conference to build rapport with the college. We at Meta Career & Education Services provide total documentation support under a single roof.

Visa filing

It is the most important step. A single mistake can lead to your visa rejection. The agents keep themselves updated with the changes required for filing visa. They also prepare you for difficult visa interviews. If you apply yourself, you have limited information from the internet to crack the interview. It is worth paying attention to the Visa interviewer sitting in Visa offices. They are smart enough to check out how much preparation you have done for getting the visa. We have good expertise in helping students follow the visa processes.

Loans and travel tie-ups

How would you feel if your admission application is approved but loan documents are rejected? Nobody wishes to give up on their dreams. The procedure for loan approval varies from country to country, bank to bank and of course college to college. They know how to get approval for your loan. The overseas education consultants have the required knowledge. They can help students in the education loan application process.

More Benefits of Doing MBBS Abroad

  • International exposure
  • Student exchange programs
  • Easy admission processes
  • MCI approved universities and colleges
  • Global diverse culture
  • Indian food
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Healthy lifestyle and environment
  • Can become a part of the International student network


There can be a different reason for you to pursue your MBBS from abroad. Pay attention to the college or university details. Apply for different universities in different countries. Your MBBS abroad consultant can help you out from application to air tickets. They can even help in seeking a study loan for your MBBS course abroad. Hire a reputed consultant to achieve your study medicine overseas dream.

We at Meta Career & Education Services never compromise on our service quality. We acclaim to be the best MBBS abroad education consultants in Delhi. We have been helping Indian applicants live their dream of pursuing a career in medicine.


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