Bashkir State Medical University


About the Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in the Russian Federation. It has opened a world of opportunities for thousands of students coming from different backgrounds. It is the top institution in the center of the medical and pharmaceutical sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The Faculty of general medicine was only the one faculty until 1961. It later introduced the faculty of preventive medicine in 1970. Faculty of dentistry started in 1976 and the faculty of pharmacy in 1981.

There are more than 8000 students studying at the university. Students from many countries have enrolled in the MBBS, postgraduate, and other postgraduate training programs in the university. Bashkir State Medical University has facilitated a united center of simulation-based training. All the medical students, residents, and physicians can enhance their practical skills. BSMU has a library with over 5, 27,000 items and is one of the best medical libraries in Russia.

The university provides the international quality of education in the state of the art infrastructure. It has an engaging study environment. Every year many Indian students enroll for MBBS study in the Bashkir State Medical University Russia.

AIM of the University
Obtaining the highest standard of global scientific work
Providing quality education in medical stream
Strengthening the integration of world scientific research and world education
Using advanced modern technology for medical research
Achieving all-round development of the student enrolled in any course
bashkir state medical university
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Bashkir State Medical University Admission Process

The Bashkir State Medical University admission process is free from hassle. It is just a few step processes that an MBBS applicant needs to follow.

Below are the steps to follow for MBBS Admission in BSMU:

  • Step 1: First of all, select the study course that you want to complete. Fill the online application form.

  • Step 2: Prepare documents for initial application and send them to the university through email

    Fill up the Visa invitation inquiry form and application form and send it to them via e-mail to the university. To study at BSMU, students need to have good command in English.

    You need the following documents for admission
    Copy of international passport (passport should be valid at least 2.5 years from the date of application)
    Documents confirming all previous education certificates
    Health fitness certificate
    Qualifying marks in NEET
    Passport size photographs
  • Step 3: Receive a student’s invitation

    You will receive an invitation through email which is provided by the university. The set of documents that should be applied for a Student Visa at the embassy/consulate of the Russian Federation includes the invitation and confirmation letter.

  • Step: 4: Apply for Student Visa

    The student will receive a visa invitation letter. The applicant must contact the Russian Federation embassy in his/her country to apply for a student visa. Applicants with tourist visas are not eligible for BSMU.

  • Step 5: Arrival of the Russian Federation

    You have to inform the university one week prior to your arrival in the Russian Federation. You will get hostel accommodation when you inform the admission committee on time and information to the university before your hostel accommodation. The Invitation Letter will be provided by the embassy of Russian federation

  • Step 6: Pass the entrance exam

    There are a limited number of seats for the MBBS course. Students need to crack the entrance exam to seek MBBS study admission.

  • Step 7: Signing the agreement and payment

    The applicants have to pass the entrance exam and obliged to sign an agreement for education and pay the first year tuition fee and visa processing fee along with hostel fees.

Bashkir State Medical University Fee Structure

The Bashkir State Medical University fee structure is affordable

Year / Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fee Total Fees
First Year 6500$ Hostel is including in this fee 6500$
Second Year 4250$ Hostel is including in this fee 4250$
Third Year 3200$ Hostel is including in this fee 3200$
Fourth Year 3200$ Hostel is including in this fee 3200$
Fifth Year 2700$ Hostel is including in this fee 2700$
Sixth Year 2500$ Hostel is including in this fee 2500$
Food Charges (Per month) = 80$ TO 100$
MBBS in Russia - Tuition Fees and Hostel Charges for 6 Years 22350$

This Fee is approved by The Medical Institutions of Russia. We have mentioned as per our best information. Final Fee structure is Subject to student Profile & College Management on joining. It will come along with admission Letter.

Students can enjoy all modern facilities like the internet, pure water, healthy air, quality food, and hostel accommodation. World-class medical education is available at Bashkir State Medical University. You will gain an international reputation. The doors to world medical centers will open for you after completing your medical degree from BSMU. Students can master their skills learned anywhere in the world. Many world-class doctors are the alumni of BSMU.

Rush to take the limitless advantage of low fee structure and worry-free admission process at Bashkir State Medical University!